It’s #TranslationTuesday, I’m Sorry.

It’s #TranslationTuesday, I’m Sorry.

Sometimes in life, we make mistakes. And oftentimes, these mistakes hurt someone else. Sometimes, it’s our own selves we hurt. There then comes a point where one realizes that nothing can be done to change what happened, the past is past. But, one can apologize. A statement as simple as “I’m sorry” or “forgive me” may not seem like much, but uttered with pure intent has the great power to mend a broken heart or relationship and allow it to move forward.

The truth is, an apology has the potential to neither be received well nor accepted. And that’s okay. But the fact that one looks deep within and is able to utter those words with a true heart, is a great step towards growth. It’s a way to show someone that, despite any mistakes made, you love and care for them, and are willing to put the past behind.

So, here are a few ways, across the world, one can take that step:

Lo siento (as in “I’m sorry”) and Perdóname (as in “Forgive me”) (Spanish)

Przepraszam (as in “I’m sorry” or “Excuse me”) and Wybacz mi (as in “Forgive me”) (Polish)

Mi displace (to say “I’m sorry”) and Perdonami (to say “Forgive me”) (Italian)

Es tut mir leid (“I’m sorry”) and Vergib mir (“Forgive me”) (German) &

Je suis désolé (for “I’m sorry”) and Pardonne-moi (for “Forgive me”) (French)

I know that these are just a few of the ways one can say those meaningful words. Any of you have others you’d like to share?

Also, if any of you wish to use this space to make any apology to anything and/or anyone, I invite you all to share your hearts and know that, from the depths of my heart, I appreciate your openness and honesty.

Here’s to growing and moving forward! Love you guys! ♥

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