“Loopholes Revealed”

“Loopholes Revealed”

For my first #FlashFictionFriday, I wanted to share a piece from one of my very first story ideas, an idea that was born during my time at Disney: Kristalina. Kristalina is a working shooting star that, when someone makes a wish on her, comes down to Earth and helps make that wish come true. In this scene (that was turned into a flash fiction piece for a creative writing assignment at FIU), we get a glimpse of the moment Kristalina tells her boss, Constell, that she has fallen in love with her wish-maker, Stefano.

“Loopholes Revealed”

Legend says that if you make a wish on a shooting star, it’s meant to come true. Well, have you ever stopped to think if it was true? What stars were made of? I’ll tell you a secret, your wishes are what make them.

Kristalina glittered across the night sky, always bringing an impressive glow about her. There was no doubt she was striking. On this night, however, as she reported to her boss, Constell, her natural glow was dim.

“What seems to be the matter, my dear?” Constell asked. “You seem down. Is there something wrong with your assignment?”

“It’s just so—different. I’ve never felt this way before about any assignment. Usually, I feel a sense of reward and happiness when I get to go down and help my wishers. But this man, Stefano. It’s been a challenge trying to help him find love. I feel foolish in saying this, please pardon what I’m about to propose, but what if it’s me? There’s just no woman I’ve found that’s a fit for him.”

“Oh, Kristalina. You’re falling into dangerous territory. You know your position. You know you don’t belong down there. You were sent to guide him to his happiness, not be the object of it.”

“But, Madam, I see it in his eyes. Sometimes when we’re together it’s just so magical. In getting to know him, I’ve realized that he’s special. He’s the kind of man I’ve always hoped to find. Star or not, he’s perfect.”

Constell sighed. She couldn’t lie anymore. She had secretly and selfishly hoped this moment would never come. But it was time to tell Kristalina the secret. “Kristalina, there comes a time in every star’s life where he or she is presented with a choice, a very important one. Being that you are one of the sweetest and fairest of my stars, I’d always hoped that it would never happen to you. But it’s time for me to accept reality and inform you without withhold. Technically, you have the choice to stay.”

“I do?—”

“However. My dear one, I must warn you, you can make the choice to stay on Earth but there is only one way to become fully human: through true love. Sounds simple, but you must understand the depth of what that means. Your wisher must love you in return, he must love you wholly and true. You’ll have one chance to approach and profess your love to him. At this rate, that would be tomorrow, the night your assignment is due, the night of the full moon. When he gives you his answer, know that you cannot, in any way, change or manipulate the way he feels. If you do, it won’t work. You must accept his feelings, whatever they may be, as is. See, if he doesn’t love you back—.” Constell looked away.

“What? What’ll happen if he doesn’t love me back? Won’t I just come back here?”

“No. See, here’s the thing. You were born to grant wishes, it was a wish that brought you to life. By professing your love to a human on Earth means you’d be acting against the very laws of nature and your stellar existence. If he truly loves you back, then you’d transform into a human and live as one. And your new and beautiful life will launch. But if he doesn’t accept you, there’s no way for you to take back your profession. You’d then lose your job as a shooting star and wouldn’t be able to grant anymore wishes. And without being able to grant wishes, you’d cease to exist.”

“What do you mean I’d cease to exist? I’d die?”

“Yes, my dear. Now you understand why it is so important for you to be sure what you want to do. You may love him, but you have the choice to carry out the assignment without saying a word about your love. Then all would be as it was and you’d remain a star. You wouldn’t be risking anything. You’d be safe.”

Kristalina stayed in thought for a moment. Could she really risk it all? She then thought about Stefano. “I don’t care. He’s the one, I know it.”

“But what if he isn’t?”

“I at least have to try. I would never forgive myself if my assignment was over and I didn’t ask the question. I need to know. I don’t care if it’s my undoing!”

Constell smiled. “Then it’s time.”

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