Anaïs Nin On The Future Of The Novel

Anaïs Nin On The Future Of The Novel

The following is a quote from Anaïs Nin on the future of the novel, as featured on the Brain Pickings article “Anaïs Nin on Writing, the Future of the Novel, and How Keeping a Diary Enhances Creativity: Wisdom from a Rare 1947 Chapbook.”


Anaïs Nin was an essayist and memoirist born to Cuban parents who gave birth to and raised her in France. She wrote journals, essays, novels, short stories, and erotica. Some of her works include Waste of Timelessness, House of Incest, Under A Glass Bell, Little Birds, and, my personal favorite, Delta of Venus (if you’ve never read it, go get yourself a copy!). All in all, I believe Anaïs to have been a fabulous woman (who continues to inspire us with her legacy). I like to think, had we lived during the same time, we would’ve been great friends.

So now I ask, what is your opinion regarding what Anaïs Nin had to say? What do you think, personally, is the future of the novel? (On that note, what would you say is the state of the novel today?) And how will writing a different sort of novel, the novel of the future, affect our lives and contribute to how we grow as individuals and as a whole?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! ♥

To view the article from which the above quote originated, click here.

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