Writing Prompts

As someone who is the true product of transformation through the arts, I’m now trying my hand at creating writing prompts in the hopes of inspiring others and encouraging meaningful thought.

Writing Prompt No.10


What do you do when money is low and bills are high? Does it affect you at all? What do you change, if anything? Would you ever, or have you ever, let your finances influence a big decision for your life, such as moving to a different city or pursuing a relationship? How important are finances really?

How big of a part do finances play in overall happiness and one’s evaluation of personal success? Do your finances influence the things you do or jobs you take? Have you ever rejected an opportunity or, let’s say, not pursued the idea of starting your own business because of your finances? What really comes first, the money or the dream?

Take it further: Share a vision.

If money wasn’t a factor, say you had all the money you needed, what would you do? What passion would you pursue? Where would you travel to? What would your life look like?

And is there a way you can pursue your passion and achieve your goals despite your finances? What can you do today, sans finance, that will push you forward toward your dreams?

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Writing Prompt No.9


Are you, or will you be, fearless enough to just be yourself without restriction or regard? And are you fearless enough to trust in other people, in the world and, more importantly, in yourself, to know that everything will be okay no matter what? If not, will you pledge to make at least one effort to do so today? And finally, are you, or will you be, fearless enough to do your part when you’re called to act and then give up control over the rest?

When was the last time you were truly fearless and put your trust in something or someone other than yourself?

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Writing Prompt No.8 


What monsters have you faced when on the epic quest called The Writing Process? Have you defeated them? If so, what aided you in their defeat? And if you haven’t defeated them, share your experiences. Maybe we can help!

Take it further: Share a story.

Tell of a time when you faced a monster and defeated it. What were you working on? What was the monster that appeared? Include why you think that monster appeared. And tell the story of how you defeated it.

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Writing Prompt No.7


What has been the most extraordinary miracle you’ve witnessed in your life? Was it something you did that manifested a great effect? Was it something that happened to you? Let’s hear about it!

How about the little miracles? What are some of the little things that have made an impact on your life?

Were any of these miracles in your life recognized immediately? Or did you realize it in hindsight? What crossed your mind when you came to the realization that the event in question was a miracle?

Take it further: Share a story.

Share the memory of one of your most cherished miracles. What happened? What went through your mind? Elaborate on it. Put us in the moment. You may just discover something you didn’t realize before.

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Writing Prompt No.6

“Visions of the Future”

Create a list of things you’d like to happen in either your personal, or the world’s, future. Include details regarding sights, sounds, feelings, circumstances, anything you can think of.

Write a narrative that is set in the future you envision, as if you are currently living in it.

(Finally, for my artist friends) Draw/Paint & upload a picture that illustrates what the future you desire will look like.

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Writing Prompt No.5

Of all of the mediums and platforms currently at our disposal, what is your favorite way to connect with someone? Does your choice vary depending of who you are trying to connect with? If so, why do you think that is?

Is there a way of connecting that isn’t used anymore but should be? If so, what do you want to make popular again? Or is there a way you wish to connect with someone that doesn’t exist yet? Make a wish and let’s make it happen!

And finally, do you ever find it hard to connect with others? Do you have a specific group of people or a person in your life that you have a hard time connecting with? Why do you think that is? What would help?  If you don’t know, maybe we can all discuss and discover how to permeate those boundaries! Anything you want to happen CAN happen!

Take it further: Share a story.

Write about a time, a moment, where you felt a deep and true connection to someone. Allow us to share that moment with you as you relive it. And spare no details, my friends, there’s beauty in them.

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Writing Prompt No.4

What is your favorite quote of all time? What impact did those words have on your life?

Take it further: Share the story.

Put us in the moment when you read those words and were changed as a person, or a time the quote helped you with a situation you were going through. Describe the internal and external shift you felt upon reading, absorbing, and applying those words.

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Writing Prompt No.3

If you had to pick one work of art that depicted your life and who you are, which one would it be and why?

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Writing Prompt No.2

“I love to hate the fact that she was right.”

 Writing Prompt No.1

If you were to travel to a planet that was rumored to be advanced in a particular realm of knowledge, with the intention of bringing back information that would enlighten humanity and contribute to a greater quality of life, what would you hope to discover?

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