Writing Prompt No.9

Writing Prompt No.9

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about fearlessness. Over the years, fearlessness has not, in my opinion, been one of my strongest traits. Patience hasn’t either. I know this because, in the past, whether intentionally or not, I was always in such a hurry. Whether it was in trying to talk to or be with someone, do something, or go somewhere, I’ve often tried to rush things, and it was apparent in the way I behaved. Whether conscious of it or not, I was acting out of fear. I wasn’t just being proactive, like I thought I was. So I finally realized that I needed to change my approach.

As strong as my feelings and visions about my life are, I have to live in the now and just do whatever I can in the moment. We all do. I’ve learned that things happen when the time is right and the appropriate space is made for all parties involved. We need to release control and just trust in the universe. Especially when what we want involves another person or other people. If that person or those people really mean something to us, we need to respect that they have their own lives and are doing their own thing, which can lead to a change in our plans. There will be times when our plans work fabulously, yes, but then others when our plans just fall through. In life, there are so many factors at play. And that’s what makes life so wonderful, the things that happen considering all that’s in motion. All we can ever do is show up and do our part, regardless of anyone or anything else. And the things we do need to come from our heart and be what we truly want, not what we think we should. That’s where our true fearlessness comes in.

So now I ask you:

Are you, or will you be, fearless enough to just be yourself without restriction or regard? And are you fearless enough to trust in other people, in the world and, more importantly, in yourself, to know that everything will be okay no matter what? If not, will you pledge to make at least one effort to do so today? And finally, are you, or will you be, fearless enough to do your part when you’re called to act and then give up control over the rest?

When was the last time you were truly fearless and put your trust in something or someone other than yourself?

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