Writing Prompt No.8

Writing Prompt No.8

This week’s theme, as seen on Reddit, is “Monsters.” There were many ways I could approach this theme. However, because I have been heavily focused on my writing and editing business, I decided to approach it from that angle.

There are many “monsters” that one can face during the writing process. For some, like me, a monster called Procrastination and another one called Trauma Afraid to be Resolved are ones that have crippled my writing process. But I am happy to say that I have defeated these monsters, particularly when I completed my Master’s Thesis. Still, as my life evolves and new projects arise, so do new monsters. The first step in defeating them, as can be applied to any and all issues, is acknowledging that they exist. We must be unafraid to look our monsters in the face!

So I ask you, what monsters have you faced when on the epic quest called The Writing Process? Have you defeated them? If so, what aided you in their defeat? And if you haven’t defeated them, share your experiences. Maybe we can help!

Take it further: Share a story.

Tell of a time when you faced a monster and defeated it. What were you working on? What was the monster that appeared? Include why you think that monster appeared. And tell the story of how you defeated it.

Looking forward to hearing your responses, friends!

Let no monster get in our way, big or small! Let nothing stop us from writing!

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