Writing Prompt No.7

Writing Prompt No.7

This morning, my lesson in A Course in Miracles was about exactly that: miracles. It highlighted the importance of both the miracles we offer as well as the ones we receive. So I thought, why not make that today’s theme? The daily exchange of miracles is, after all, what makes the world go ’round. They take place between people, between animals, between all things in existence. These exchanges are what make us who we are and guide how we live our lives. Thus, it is my belief that if we take the time to focus on the miracles that take place everyday, our minds will, in turn, create even more. And life will be nothing but beautiful, as it should be.

With that, I now ask:

What has been the most extraordinary miracle you’ve witnessed in your life? Was it something you did that manifested a great effect? Was it something that happened to you? Let’s hear about it!

How about the little miracles? What are some of the little things that have made an impact on your life?

Were any of these miracles in your life recognized immediately? Or did you realize it in hindsight? What crossed your mind when you came to the realization that the event in question was a miracle?

Take it further: Share a story.

Share the memory of one of your most cherished miracles. What happened? What went through your mind? Elaborate on it. Put us in the moment. You may just discover something you didn’t realize before.

The world is full of miracles, friends! I look forward to hearing about yours!

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