Writing Prompt No.5

Writing Prompt No.5

For this week’s #ThemeThursday, I wanted to pick a theme that runs through everything I do: connection. I live for the connections I create and maintain with friends and loved ones. Even the creation of “Kristy’s Daily Hashtags” was to encourage deeper bonds and connections with you, and to have a platform for us to share ideas. So what better theme to start with than that?

In today’s day and age, connections, both creating new and growing current ones, are a part of our everyday lives be they digital or physical. In fact, one can say that making connections has been at the core of life’s purpose since the dawn of time. Thus, I believe that the connections we’ve created with ourselves, others, and the world, are the key to our future. And if we take a moment to think about the connections in our lives, and attempt to understand a little more about them, we can come to understand something about ourselves that can enhance our lives and deepen this meaningful existence.

That being said, I now ask you this:

Of all of the mediums and platforms currently at our disposal, what is your favorite way to connect with someone? Does your choice vary depending of who you are trying to connect with? If so, why do you think that is?

Is there a way of connecting that isn’t used anymore but should be? If so, what do you want to make popular again? Or is there a way you wish to connect with someone that doesn’t exist yet? Make a wish and let’s make it happen!

And finally, do you ever find it hard to connect with others? Do you have a specific group of people or a person in your life that you have a hard time connecting with? Why do you think that is? What would help?  If you don’t know, maybe we can all discuss and discover how to permeate those boundaries! Anything you want to happen CAN happen!

Take it further: Share a story.

Write about a time, a moment, where you felt a deep and true connection to someone. Allow us to share that moment with you as you relive it. And spare no details, my friends, there’s beauty in them.

I really do love connecting with all of you! I look forward to learning more about the way you all like to connect and how current connections can be enhanced.

Thank you for participating!

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