Writing Prompt No.10

Writing Prompt No.10

This week, my mind has been hyper-focused on my finances. Well, that among other things. But, the majority of my thoughts have stemmed from my current financial situation. I’ve come to learn that finances are ever in flux. Our finances, in a way, are much like our emotions. We have highs, we have lows. But it is my opinion that there should be some kind of constant when it comes to either. That constant, to me, is passion.

When working and following our passion, the wage we make is less important than the work we are doing. Money is often not a factor when it comes to such opportunities. It’s never been that way for me anyway, for I always thought that money should not get in the way of one’s happiness or be a reason not to follow one’s dream. But what if it is getting in the way of things, or feels like it is? What if the topic of money, and the need for it, is overshadowing all else? Is there something wrong with the situation, one’s mindset, or both? What’s the best approach to overcoming a financial hump and working towards financial success? What part does money play when it comes to happiness?

I’ve come to realize that I can only control so much of the external factors that influence my life. But I can control myself. I can control the way I look at things and how I react to the situation I’m in, no matter how difficult. I can control the efforts I make to build a better life for myself. I have worked too hard to let anything bring me down. But moving forward is not always so simple. There are things to think about.

What do you do when money is low and bills are high? Does it affect you at all? What do you change, if anything? Would you ever, or have you ever, let your finances influence a big decision for your life, such as moving to a different city or pursuing a relationship? How important are finances really?

How big of a part do finances play in overall happiness and one’s evaluation of personal success? Do your finances influence the things you do or jobs you take? Have you ever rejected an opportunity or, let’s say, not pursued the idea of starting your own business because of your finances? What really comes first, the money or the dream?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Take it further: Share a vision.

If money wasn’t a factor, say you had all the money you needed, what would you do? What passion would you pursue? Where would you travel to? What would your life look like?

And is there a way you can pursue your passion and achieve your goals despite your finances? What can you do today, sans finance, that will push you forward toward your dreams?

I look forward to hearing from you, friends! Here’s to every kind of success, financial and otherwise!


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