Writing Prompt No.3

Writing Prompt No.3

One of the beauties of art is that someone can look at a piece and completely identify with it. Some even find themselves within it as they immerse in the piece, unlocking hidden parts of themselves they didn’t even know were there.

If you had to pick one work of art that depicted your life and who you are, which one would it be and why? (Include an image of it in your response!)

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt No.3

  1. I would be Emily Belivet’s “Star- Goddess of Hope” because I resonate very much with this water bearer in more ways than one.

    Here the goddess pours from her everlasting pitchers. She gives of herself to all who need without hesitation. Her expression is one of knowing and acceptance. Nothing fades her and she knows that all that is, is as it should be.

    Her surroundings, while radiant and beautiful, are only so because of the radiance that shines off her.
    She knows of this beauty, owns it, and creates a world from it.

    And yet, while her dressings and assortments are as equisite and intricate as she, they still help to contribute to the blending of her form and world, for they are one.

    1. What a beautiful response, Martha, thank you!

      I love the painting, I can see why it resonates with you. For one, the Goddess of Hope looks like you. ☺ And two, by her giving herself through her everlasting pitchers of water, a symbol which, as you know, often translates into emotion and intuition, she shares one of your strongest traits. ❤

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