Writing Prompt No.2

Writing Prompt No.2

“I love to hate the fact that she was right.Mommy and Kristy

Moms, by nature, tend to willingly offer their opinion and motherly observations when we either meet someone new or a unique opportunity arises. I can’t speak for all mother-child dynamics, but I find it’s more often than not that moms tend to feel and think the exact opposite of what their children do, particularly during the adolescent/young adult years. This was especially true for me. I found myself thinking certain people and opportunities were absolutely perfect for me, while she was completely against them. Needless to say, she was right.

Though those moments were difficult for me in the past, it’s nice to understand it all a little better now that I’m older. No matter what, I’m grateful for my Mommy. I’m grateful that she has and continues to care and love me like she does to want to be a part of my life and the things that happen to me. Clearly, she knows what she’s doing.

…don’t tell her I said that. ♥

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