Kristy’s Daily Hashtags

Kristy’s Daily Hashtags

As a writer, and someone looking to ignite creativity and strengthen bonds among peers, I decided to use the Internet’s latest and greatest tool: #hashtags! The following is a list of the hashtags I designated for each day of the week along with their instructions:


Every Monday, I will post a metaphor. You all are invited to then offer your impressions and interpretations regarding all that the statement entails, the depths of what the metaphor is trying to illustrate. You may also share some of your own metaphors within the topic of discussion.


On Tuesdays, I will post a statement and translate it into another language. To participate, you may translate the same statement into another language. With this exercise, I hope to bend language barriers as well as use it as a way to explore other cultures.


On Wednesdays, I will share a quote about the ever consuming passion and adventure known as writing, the art as well as the craft, made by a famous writer (if I share a quote made by one of my friends, it’s because they are already famous in my brain and I know the public will catch up soon enough). As a response, I welcome any other insightful quotes made by the same author, or another author’s words on the topic. I would also love for you to share your own opinions regarding the topic at hand.


For Thursday, I will pick a theme and create a writing prompt based on it. I encourage you all to participate and share your answer in whatever form of writing suits you best. If relevant to the topic, you may also respond with a previous work.


On Fridays, I will create or share a previous flash fiction piece. You all may use this day to share one of yours as well, be it of a similar topic, genre, or entirely opposite. Let’s read and discuss each other’s work!


Saturdays will be dedicated to symbols. I will pick a symbol and give information about how it is often used. I will then create or share a piece of writing where I use said symbol. I invite you guys to give your feedback, as well as offer other possible interpretations for what the symbol can stand for. It would also be wonderful for you all to share one of your writings in which you use the same symbol. It will be fun to compare usage and explore all of the possibilities within the use of symbolism in writing.


Finally, we’ll shake things up on Sunday with a little bit of satire. I will share some of my favorite pieces of satire. I also invite you to share some of your favorites, be it an article, video, or drawing. We can not only discuss the contents of the actual piece, but satire itself and how it can be used to illustrate a point as well as entertain.

I can’t wait for you all to participate and share your fabulous ideas! Let’s get creative!

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