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My name is Kristina, but you can call me Kristy. I love reading, writing, and forever philosophizing my individual as well as our collective existence. I am driven by the powerful, and often mysterious, essence that is the mind and all of its inner and outer workings. Realizing these strong interests, I knew what I needed to pursue and dedicate myself to. My life’s work thus revolves around the exploration and expansion of the mind and, in turn, the exploration and expansion of ourselves, through all mediums of communication.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Writing, I merge two disciplines and realms of knowledge that are integral to the formation and transformation of the mind. The mind, to me, is our ultimate power, along with our hearts. Connect the two and we propel forward immensely.

Internal exploration is essential. What lies in our minds? What do our hearts know to be true? One then asks, “What more is there to know?” The secret is: nothing. There is nothing more to know than what’s inside of us. But we may not always be aware of what’s inside due to the way live our lives and where our focuses typically lie, be it work, our families, etc. I am not here to deviate you from those things that are important to you. In fact, they are necessary. But I am here to help you turn your focus to yourself and what’s within you, even if just for a moment. I believe the world needs more of that.

Hence, it is my goal to share my streams of consciousness and write stories from deep within, as well as create writing prompts and projects formulated to both unleash inner creativity and encourage introspection in all of us. From such explorations we will find answers, we will attain balance, and we will achieve our full potentials.

I look forward to all that this beautiful adventure brings. And I look forward to connecting with all of you.

Sincerely yours,

Kristina Smeriglio